Bronx, NY

One of the reasons we chose Baychester for our Bronx endoscopy center was its diversity. It’s not unusual to see newcomers from the Caribbean Antilles living almost side-by-side with native New Yorkers who have lived in the same neighborhood for generations. We are very conveniently located about halfway between the Cross-Bronx Expressway and the Hutchinson River Parkway on Bartow Avenue.

That same diversity exists in our treatment approaches to various gastrointestinal conditions. Just like no two patients are alike, no two therapy plans are alike.

Triborough GI Bronx is a world-class facility where our gastroenterologists deal with some common digestive and rectal issues. Our overall philosophy is to treat these conditions aggressively with innovative non-surgical techniques in order to head off future complications and fully address any current issues. This approach has been very successful in the past, so we firmly believe it will provide results that exceed your expectations. Some of the conditions that gastroenterologist Dr. Alexander Brun routinely handles include:

    • Acid Reflux Treatment: Almost everyone develops a mild case of heartburn at one time or another, mostly because of lifestyle and/or diet issues. If the pain worsens or the symptoms are more severe, the stomach or throat’s lining is probably damaged, and unless an experienced gastroenterologist treats the condition, serious complications are usually not far away. Our professional staff knows how to heal the damage and ease discomfort.
    • Hemorrhoid Treatment: While many people choose to treat their piles with various ointments or choose simply to ignore the pain, we have a better way. Our innovative treatments include a cutting-edge banding procedure that erodes piles and keeps them from coming back, providing long-term relief in most cases.
    • Colonoscopy: Today’s colonoscopies are faster, easier, and more reliable than ever before. Usually in less than a half hour, our professional staff conducts a thorough examination of your colon, so the gastroenterologist can remove polyps, restore function, and identify signs of potentially serious conditions before they become even more problematic.

Our professional team deals with other common issues as well, such as hepatitis C and chronic abdominal pain.

We are committed to patient comfort and safety that leads to a healthier and pain-free tomorrow. Call us today and experience the TGI Bronx difference for yourself.

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